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Learn to Fly! Your Mentor in Flight!

We offer PDF downloads filled with information to help you get started on your journey BEFORE YOU GO TO ANY FLIGHT SCHOOL. We tell you the REAL COST and how to avoid common pitfalls. This information is vital! Download our guides below. We look forward to helping YOU get off to the right start.


Learn How To Fly
READ THIS FIRST Before Going to Any Flight School
Your Personal Checklist & Guide

In this straight-forward guide, you will learn:
  • Must-know information about flight schools
  • What questions to ask to avoid common pitfalls
  • A list of criterion to choose the right instructor
  • Why you should NOT shop price
FREE Download! Free Checklist and Guide for Newbies!
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Advanced Aviation Flight Careers
Advanced Aviation Flight Careers Guide
In this guide, you will learn:
  • The road to get there
  • The questions you need to ask & all the right answers
  • What ratings will you need & the best way to get them
  • How long should it take & how much it should cost
FREE Download! Free Advanced Flight Careers!
> Download full version - $19.99!

So you want to learn to fly?

Top Gun Flight Consultants is a 12-year-old company that provides personal help in determining how to go about learning to fly. As a mentor, we answer all of your questions on what it takes to get your pilot license as well as disclose the "real cost".

We are not affiliated with any flight school, so we provide you with an unbiased, factual, account of what it takes to choose a school, an Instructor, and what questions you should ask to avoid common pitfalls.

Just who are we anyway? Learn more about us here.

What Others Are Saying...

Dear Ray,

Your checklist and guide for potential student pilots, current pilots looking to earn advanced certifications, and pilots seeking to purchase an aircraft is not only outstanding but essential reading.

As a recent student pilot and now certified Private Pilot, seeking to purchase my first plane, I can only say that I wish I had the checklist and guide before I began taking my first lesson. 

When I began my journey to become a private pilot, I attempted to do as much research as possible via the internet and local resources, prior to beginning my lessons.  However, I quickly discovered there was very limited information available and my local training centers were by their very nature, biased in their opinions and recommendations.

Your reference guide and checklist is exactly what I was looking for but could not find.  Your guide is comprehensive yet succinct.  It will arm any potential student pilot, pilot, or prospective aircraft buyer with the necessary information to ask the right questions!


Gregg Dickson

We encourage you to get the REAL TRUTH about flight schools and the REAL COST of flying.

In the Personal Checklist and Guide, Captain Ray Brown shares from his many years of experience as a Master Flight Instructor and a professional pilot. He shares what it takes to get your pilot's license in the real world, the REAL COST, and equips you with the information and knowledge you need to avoid pitfalls and save thousands so that your flying adventure will be less stressful and more fun! We mean it when we say it is a MUST-READ before going to any flight school!

You can learn a lot from the AOPA and other national flight organizations, but you will NOT learn the real truth about flight schools and the real cost of flying. This is why it is so important to download this checklist and guide today and arm yourself with the facts you need to make an informed choice.



Captain Ray Brown with student pilot


Learning to fly piper aircraft

Ray Brown

"Through all my years of experience, I think it's very important that every student have this information before they embark on flight training."

- Captain Ray Brown
ATP, MCFI, IGI, Gold Seal
President, Top Gun Flight Consultants